The 905 outpreforms the Toronto Real Estate Market in November sales.

Monday Dec 7th, 2020

905 real estate

Looks like it will take more than a pandemic to slow down the Greater Toronto Real Estate Market.  The Toronto Real Estate Board reported another record-breaking month in sales for November for the  GTA. The strongest market segment was the 905, the suburbs. This is a big change from past sales reports where typically the  "city" 416 was always a stronger market. According to TREB, sales in the 905 where up 30% in the singe detached home group and... [read more]

How to Screen Potential Tenants : 10 Tips to Help Landlords

Friday Nov 27th, 2020

Landlord Tenant screening

 Many of the landlord and tenants I have dealt with over the years have been a pleasure to work with, however,  I came across a situation recently that reminded me there are some bad apples out there. We have all heard the horror stories of tenants who destroy property or fail to pay rent and evicting them can be difficult. A bad tenant can be a nightmare for any landlord, as well as both emotionally and financially draining. So, as a Landlord, how to you protect yourself and... [read more]

Your Mortgage Questions Answered: A chat with Patricia De Fina, Mortgage Specialist, TD Bank

Monday Nov 23rd, 2020

real estate mortgage rates

Making the decision to buy a new home entails more than just finding the perfect house. Before we even begin the search, I recommend my clients see a mortgage broker or their bank for a pre-approval. This helps set the budget and parameters for their search. Mortgage brokers and real estate agents share a common goal – helping clients find and finance the right property. I often get questions regarding mortgages, rates and alternative financing from my clients. More... [read more]

10 Real Estate Selling Secrets : You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Friday Nov 13th, 2020

frankfranco architects

Sometimes the hardest part of the sales process is not making the decision to sell or negotiate the offer, for some, the hardest part can be preparing your home for the market. In today’s market, buyers are picky and have high expectations. Homes are stagged to look like magazine covers, not necessarily a reflection of how you live in it as a family. I try to prepare my clients to walk through their home with a critical eye, that scuff mark, that scratch, that dated chair in the... [read more]

The Trouble with Small Condos

Tuesday Nov 10th, 2020


For the last 20 years the downtown landscape of Toronto was a sea of cranes representing the condo building boom. The strong desire to live downtown drove prices for apartment style units higher and who could blame them? Living in the hustle and bustle of downtown you have it all at your doorstep, fantastic restaurants, concerts, festivals, sports venues, bars and all that social interaction and energy. Now, all that has virtually disappeared with the onset of the pandemic... [read more]

Kleinburg Village – what makes this community one of Ontario's luxury real estate markets?

Tuesday Oct 27th, 2020

klienburg luxury real estate

I popped into my local Balzac's coffee shop today in the Village of Kleinburg to grab a cup of jo on my way to a meet a client for a showing.  The village is typically energetic with people walking their dogs, visiting the cafes and restaurants or the boutique shops while expensive cars line the streets. Today it was peaceful and quiet, and it made me wonder, there is no question this village is full of charm but what makes this community one of Ontario’s most sought after luxury... [read more]

Market Watch: 9 Neighbourhoods in Toronto where you can still buy a house for less than $1 Million!

Friday Oct 23rd, 2020

brenda di sarra

Our homes have become so much more than just where we live, its where we work, where we play and everything in between.  Although we have seen an exodus to communities outside the city for affordable housing, more space and green pastures, for some clients that is not an option. So the question becomes, can you find a detached single family home, in the City of Toronto, for less than $1Million? The answer is surprisingly, YES. Finding an affordable detached family home in the... [read more]

The Toronto Real Estate Market remains strong, breaking records in September but will it last?

Thursday Oct 15th, 2020


So, you think the Toronto housing market is slowing down? The Toronto-area real estate market just reported its biggest September ever, that’s right, ever.  You are probably thinking really.. in the middle of a global pandemic, people on government assisted programs, financial uncertainty and these crazy COVID times, how? Welcome to Let’s Talk Real Estate. Real estate for most is our largest asset and greatest liability. The market has always been a trending topic of... [read more]



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